The elements of planning.

Whether you need solutions to a few specific problems or a broad plan to reach your ideals, get the confidence boost you never knew you needed when we work together to make your goals a reality.

Small business

Examples of what we can work on together
Refine your product/ service/ offers so that they are highly profitable and strategic
Know your numbers - spreadsheets, reporting, sales, digital measures
Understand your challenges and craft solutions
Plan Ahead
Clarify your core message
Create a Communication Plan
Provide accountability and guidance - you’ve got this!

Read about the two different package options for small businesses below.

Blueprint For Success

Measured mapping for a boost to that next level.

One-on-one fortnightly sessions delivered over 12 weeks where we create a step-by-step plan for you to reach your goals as a business, an owner and as a leader. 

This approach is for people who are in a position to grow steadily with foresight and want long-term sustainability.

6 sessions over 3 months

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Untangle Your Thinking

4 Hours, a Whiteboard and a Breakthrough.

In one concentrated, four-hour session we extract the core of any problems you want solved- yesterday. Come away with solutions, a strategy and actionable tasks to push your momentum forward with purpose.

More than just goals, we will set a vision, make a plan with regular actionable steps.

Great for the overwhelmed, under-delegating, busier-than-anything go-getters who need a fresh perspective and some actionable steps.

1 Session (4 hours)

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Need in-house virtual services, consulting or a bespoke package?

Book a complimentary chat and let's see how I can help.

Larger businesses

In-house/Virtual Marketing Director/CMO

Gain the expertise of a C Suite Executive without spending on a full-time employee.

I help define your brand direction, manage your existing marketing team, source and manage your outsourced providers like designers or advertising agencies, audit your current marketing activities and suite, support with recruitment, day to day guidance or general thought-leadership.

  • A planned and measurable approach to marketing activities
  • Team and resource evaluation
  • Improved team performance and reporting
  • Growth of teams individual skills as needed eg influencing, managing, leading
  • The experience of a senior marketing strategist without the expense

From $5,600, plus GST per month
3-month minimum commitment required

Retainer model based on contact hours
40 hours per month = $6000
60 hours per month - $9000

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Wokshops for groups

I offer and facilitate workshops and I absolutely love this work. Please contact me with individual requests.
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Need something different?

Consulting and bespoke packages are available on a limited basis. Book a call with me and we can talk about your requirements.
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Tasmanian based business and marketing coach (emphasis on the business) offering on-on-one coaching sessions, consulting, workshops for small business owners and small to medium enterprises (SME's). Toni Kibbey has over 25 years of experience as a marketing director in the corporate world and has a wealth of knowledge to offer growing businesses ready to level up.
I acknowledge and pay respect to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community as the traditional and original owners and continuing custodians of this land where we learn, work and grow.
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